SILT – Beth Fleenor: Workshop Ensemble (ER1)

SILT is a 16 minute sonic meditation. The complete meditation is only available as a tangible artifact/experience – a limited edition 5.5″ x 7.25″ print by artist Ollie Glatzer, a visual meditation that includes a private download of the music itself. More information about the music below.

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visual meditation by Ollie Glatzer

visual meditation by Ollie Glatzer

SILT – A meditation on memory and presence, best accompanied by breathing.

Commissioned by the Seattle Jazz Composers Ensemble and UMAMI Performance, SILT was originally composed for dance and premiered in 2012.

Philosophically this piece is about memory – specific memories, the idea of memory, how memories are formed, how they are remembered (emotionally & physically), how they travel and are transferred, how they grow, where they live, what they’re attached to (both individually and collectively), and what they leave behind.

In the present moment, allowing yourself to experience all of it simultaneously, awareness can move through the body and bring you into a state of activated engagement.

SILT is a “conduction” (conducted improvisation) created in an attempt to foster a deeper connection and more engaged interaction between music and movement – blurring the lines between “improvised” and “set” material.

There are 8 main variables (No. 1-6 plus improvisation & silence) introduced and arranged by the conductor in real time. SILT is the accumulation of seemingly solid paths/lives, that are made of infinite particulate.

SILT             (16:41)

Beth Fleenor: Workshop Ensemble (WE)

Michele Khazak                 (voice)
Kate Olson                          (soprano sax)
Brian Bermudez               (tenor sax)
Chris Credit                        (bass clarinet)
Sam Boshnack                 (trumpet)
Naomi Seigel                    (trombone)
Michael Owcharuk         (piano)
Geoff Larson                     (bass)
Evan Flory Barnes          (bass)
Greg Campbell                (percussion)
Adam Kozie                      (drums)
Beth Fleenor                    (conduction)

Recorded September 3, 2013 at Jack Straw Studios (Seattle, WA)
Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Doug Haire
Recording and production made possible through the Artist Residency Programs at Jack Straw Productions.

Sonic Meditation composed/produced by Beth Fleenor

Visual Meditation created by Ollie Glatzer

© 2014

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